Antenatal Classes



After speaking to a few relatives and friends who had experienced both natural birth and birth with all the pain reliefs possible, I came to the conclusion I wanted a natural birth without drugs as I'd been told the recovery time is much faster. As I also have an intolerance to much of the family of pain relief drugs used in labour, I was aware chances were I may have to go drug free anyway.

When I saw the advert for the Swiss Method, I thought there was no harm in giving it a go, especially after reading some of the other testimonials. Tsippy is just the kind of person who is perfect for this instruction, as you need someone with a caring and understanding persona. She was even with me in the hospital for the early part of labour and showed my husband how to massage my lower back (which REALLY helped!!), and did some exercises to turn my baby, as we were back to back during labour so I didn't have any letdown in pain between contractions.

It was Tsippy's instructions alone that got me through the labour drug free. Admittedly in the early stages of labour, I gave in and didn't use the breathing exercises. Once I'd got myself together and started using them again, it amazed me to see just how much the slow breathing really does take the edge off the pain, making a difference between it being bearable and not!

While I got through the labour pretty well, my daughter had a few issues. The fact neither of us had received the pain relief medication most likely meant that she recovered from her ordeal much faster than had she been woozy.

To sum up, I look back on my labour as a very positive experience, almost spiritual, and I actually do not dread the next one (please G-d!). I would recommend Tsippy and the Swiss Method to any woman who is looking to have a natural birth (and also to those who aren't!).

E. Sydley


My husband and I opted for private sessions, which we found extremely worthwhile! the classes were very informative and were given in a relaxed manner, giving us the confidence to use the techniques of the Swiss method. we highly recommend these classes!'

S.M. Heller


'The Swiss Method gave me the tools to go through labour without the assistance of drugs for pain relief. I used a natural oil recommended by the teacher and the breathing techniques I had been taught. I had an inner focus and consciousness which enabled me to be controlled throughout the whole process.


I was very self aware and confident about using all the positions and exercises. Even the doctors were impressed with the way I was dealing with labour and the birth. It is definitely the best method, it works with the body!'

Mother of three



After going through two very long and difficult births I decided to learn 'the Swiss Method' for my oncoming third birth. The lessons were extremely informative and interesting.


The breathing and positions made a lot of sense and were easy to learn and practise.The whole birth experience was different, I was calm and in control and the birth was extremely quick and trauma free! I would definitely recommend it!!'





You have restored my faith in women and natural childbirth! I wish you could reach many women and teach them the techniques that you used in your labour!

(Midwife Royal Free Viveka Clinic and Portland Hospital)

I could not have done it without you!!! ...
before I started the course I thought that it is very normal and natural for women to shout and cry at birth :-).... I could not imagine that I would do it so calmly and quietly thanks to you!!!


All time I kept hearing your voice in my head reminding me how to breathe and how to relax.


I also want to thank you for the Birth plan that you taught me how to write, and for the explanations about the drugs, which I should and which I shouldn't take!! That was so important, as when I needed them thanks to you I knew what to take and what not to!


I’m also very pleased that I took an extra private class with my husband. It made him feel involved and in control. As we were going up and down the hospital parking at 6 in the morning whilst I was in pain he kept massaging me as you explained to him which very helped me very much!!!


Thanks very much! I will highly recommend you to my friends


Sharon Hirsch