Antenatal Classes


What is the Swiss Method?

The Swiss method of childbirth was established approximately 35 years ago by Esther Marilus, writer of 'Childbirth - The Swiss Way'. She has worked closely with doctors in Israel, Switzerland and America, making this method one of the leading and most successful one currently used worldwide. Teachers of the method focus on breathing techniques, positions and exercises that help the mother concentrate on her contractions, work with them, listen to her body and encourage labour to progress..


BREATHING - Breathing correctly and getting the right amount of oxygen is crucial not only for the safety of the mother, but can also be a factor in reducing the level of pain she feels with each contraction since it encourages her to work with, rather than against her contraction. Correct breathing is also particularly important since it is the only supply of oxygen to which the baby has access. The Swiss method uses the natural rhythm of breathing in a more focused way.


POSITIONS - Positions are taught to ensure a quicker birth. Positions are crucial in allowing the baby a smooth descent and delivery. When a woman positions her body correctly throughout labour she straightens her spine and widens her lower abdomen giving the baby optimal space for manoeuvring.


EXERCISE - Knowing which exercises to do in between contractions can help labour progress much quicker as the baby and mother are working with gravity. The positions are deceptively simple, though exclusively taught by 'The Swiss Method' and are designed to allow for the baby to travel safely, smoothly and quickly through the pelvis by straightening the spine which can be done in any position that birth may necessitate.

The courses run in Golders Green are taught by Tsippy Kraus.

Tsippy is S.A.F.E. certified and trained by 'Spinning Babies'. She has been teaching 'The Swiss Method' for three years to pregnant woman in and around London.  She works hand in hand with the Labour Coach group, many midwifes in various hospitals, private Doulas and postnatal support groups.   Tsippy is a mum of 4 (including twins). She herself has been through a cesarean section, epidural and beautiful water birth experience.


Tsippy trained under Esther Marilus and draws on her personal experiences and the experiences of the many woman she has taught and supported to create her unique antenatal course. She started teaching to help empower woman to make their own decisions and feel safe at this vulnerable time.



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